Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thing 23 Yeahh!

What a journey this was! I learned a lot not only in terms of getting acquainted with new sites such as Technorati, Delicious etc but of overcoming my 'techno phobia.' For someone like me who can't even program my DVD or TV reaching Thing 23 is a personal record and achievement. What this exercise did was to shore up my confidence and in the process emboldened me to be more creative and persistent in resolving techno problems not only of my own but of the patrons.

If there is one thing I can suggest to the format is that we form groups and tackle the exercise together. That way, the others who are techno-challenged like me, would not be so stymied or lag behind.Not only will this create a sense of bonding but the mentoring spirit among the newly found 'techie' will also be encouraged.

Should another program like this get introduced I would like to join. I look at this as continuing adult education.

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lisa b said...

Hi Cristina,

I've really enjoyed reading your blog as you've progressed through the Things, and must say I'm impressed how you steadily went at it to finish in time before your trip to Paris. I don't think you're "techno-challenged" at all, and your wonderful blog attests to this. (Plus, you're also the go-to lady for toner and other "technological" parts and supplies.)